A Mykonos town hotel

“Mykonos View” is located on the Greek island of Mykonos, a foremost island that is part of the Cyclades island group. Famous for its celebrated night life, cosmopolitan lifestyle and pristine beaches, Mykonos has something to offer everyone, be it peace and serenity or the ultimate in socializing.

“Mykonos View” reflects this disparity. Situated on the slopes of a hill, looking down into the fashionable main town of Mykonos and the crystal blue seas of the Aegean beyond, it offers a haven of tranquility.

The complex is walled off with a private car park for guests. Close up, whilst walking through the pathways that separate each and every building, it becomes apparent that this Mykonos accommodation is nothing less than an on – going “labour of love”.

However, its proximity to the town means that you have the best of both worlds. It offers the perfect combination of quick access to the booming harbour area and its nightlife with the harmony of the complex’s peace and quiet.


at the beautiful island of Mykonos



Mykonos View accessibility and travel on Mykonos Island

Mykonos View accessibility and travel on Mykonos Island
“Mykonos View” has exceptional access to all you need in Mykonos. Travel to Mykonos town is a short distance. It is located at a short distance of Hora, the main town of Mykonos and just 300m north of the Archaeological Museum.

The independent walled-off grounds of the complex boast a private car park, thus offering the perfect combination of quick access to the busy harbour area, security, peace and quiet, and a country view.

Distances of sites and locations from our hotel:
Distance Km / M Name
From Airport 3km Name of Airport: Int. Airport of Mykonos
From Old Port 300m Name of Port: Old Port
From New Port 2km Name of Port: Tourlos
From Town Centre 550m Name of Town: Mando Square
From Museum 300m Name of Museum: Archaeological Museum
From Hospital 1,3km Name of Hospital: Medical Center of Mykonos
From Beach 2,5km Name of Beach: Agios Stefanos
From Bus Station 300m Bus Terminal 1(Old Port)
1,4km Bus Terminal 2 (Fabrika)
From Taxi Station 250m (opposite Mini Market Hercules)
From Super Market 250m Name of S. Market: Hercules



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The Mykonos apartment buildings emphasize the beauty of Mykonos’ island landscape and blend in harmoniously with their surroundings.