Bar Restaurant

A Mykonos town bar restaurant

The “Restaurant Sunset Bar”, one of the foremost Mykonos town bars, offers an unobstructed, panoramic view of Mykonos Town and across the Aegean Sea all the way to the soft blurs on the horizon that is the neighboring island of Syros. A recent renovation brought a breath of fresh air to the popular venue, adding a cozy lounge ambience of total relaxation.


Astonishing Mykonos bar views - MykonosView Hotel

Astonishing Mykonos bar views

Here at this Mykonos town bar restaurant, the sunset view is a sacred rite beyond description, which affords an incomparable experience with its palette of colours, the play of light and shade, the soft evening breeze and the birds flying across the sky.
Every summer night is accompanied by this Mykonos bar restaurant’s view towards a dark sea interspersed with twinkling lights. This archetypal Mykonos experience, not only sums up the experience of Mykonos drinks, but endless dreams to the accompaniment of easy-listening music that accompanies your tasty choices from the Mediterranean menu, all day and all night long. You can also choose to start your day here, sampling delicacies from the home made breakfast buffet spread.

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